Bay Area Heroes Program

Bay Area Heroes Program

Are you a police officer, firefighter, healthcare professional, teacher or veteran and thinking of buying or selling a home? How would you like a $2,500* rebate or discount back in commission?

You can use the rebate towards your downpayment on a new home, closing costs, buying down the interest rate on your loan or put it in your pocket…it’s up to you!


Firefighters / EMS

& Support


Teachers / Education

& Staff


Military & Veterans


Law Enforcement

& Support


Healthcare Professionals

& Staff

Frequently asked questions

Is this a company-wide program?
No, this is a special offer only available to our clients.
Why are you offering this incredible deal?
Kip is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and this is our favorite way to give back to the community that has given so much to us.
Want more details?
Call/text: (408) 515-8277

*Final sales price must be above $650,000
for rebate